Worksite 4WD Training

Worksite / Gravel / 4WD Training

Driver Skills International – Delivering 4WD training on work sites in Australia for over 15 years.

DSI workplace 4WD courses are especially designed to meet the needs of the commercial sector, providing nationally recognised units – RIIVEH201D and PMASUP236.

These units are delivered as both 1 day and 2 days courses, depending on your company requirements and driver experience. Training can be delivered on site or at one of our training locations located in each state of Australia.

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DSI 4WD courses include:
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  • Safety, maintenance and vehicle familiarisation.
  • The correct operation of a 4WD on and off road, including differing terrains, with correct usage of 4WD systems.
  • Safe use of recovery equipment including winches and snatch straps.
  • Practical driving exercises to put theory into practice.


Our teamof driver training specialists will work with you to provide a full training needs analysis to ensure an easy and smooth process for delivery of the correct package for your company.

Nationally Recognised 4WD Training

The following nationally recognised units are available:
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  • RIIVEH201D – Operate Light Vehicle
  • PMASUP236 – Operate Vehicles In The Field


These units are delivered as both 1 day and 2 days courses, depending on your company requirements.

For a more detailed outline please see below.

All drivers are to use their own vehicle for all practical components. A comprehensive information package covering all course requirements will be provided upon course bookings.


Summary of courses available include:

DSI 1 Day Defensive 4WD Training Course – Includes defensive driving (gravel driving) and an introduction to 4WD operation.

DSI 2 Day Defensive and 4WD Training Course – Comprehensive course designed to cover defensive driving in mine environments and operation off road including recovery.

Trailer Towing – DSI can deliver a trailer towing course that can be included or delivered separately.


DSI 1 Day Defensive / 4WD Training Course

This course is ideal for drivers operating 4WD’s for work or pleasure. Includes defensive driving, basic 4WD operation and recovery equipment.

Knowledge Covered
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  • Concentration and attitude
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • Fatigue awareness and time management
  • Effects of speed
  • Vehicle loading
  • Trip management
  • Road law
  • Alcohol awareness
  • Drug awareness
  • Common crash scenarios
  • Safety in the car
  • Driving position
  • Steering techniques
  • System of vehicle control
  • Braking systems
  • Tyres
  • Emergency procedures
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • 4WD systems and operation
  • Soft sand / water and mud driving conditions
  • Inclines and declines
  • Recovery equipment

Skills Covered
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  • Emergency stop on hard road surface various speeds
  • Emergency stop on gravel road surface at various speeds
  • Operation on soft sand/mud
  • Operating on off road tracks
  • Safely climbing and descending
  • Using recovery equipment
  • Optional – river / water crossing


At the completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate:
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  • Ability to identify and avoid hazards on the road
  • Apply emergency braking techniques on and off road
  • Apply defensive driving techniques
  • An understanding of the effects of alcohol / drugs / fatigue
  • An understanding of correct tyre pressures and when to alter them
  • Apply correct four wheel drive techniques off road
  • Be able to safely operate recovery equipment

Drivers will use their own vehicle during the practical components of this course (must be registered and subject to basic safety checks). All relevant road laws must be adhered to at all times.

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DSI 2 Day Defensive and 4WD Training Course

This course caters for drivers that are new to 4WD operation or want to gain confidence in a variety of conditions and recovery equipment.

Practical components can include:
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  • Gravel roads (smooth) and/or sealed Roads (wet)
  • Sandy / desert roads / river crossings (where possible)
  • Off road operation (hi-low range operation over a variety of terrain)
  • Vehicle recovery

Theory components can include: (in addition to the standard Defensive 4WD Courses)
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  • Night driving
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Trailer operation
  • Fault reporting

Optional Components (subject to client requirements)
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  • Vehicle pre-start checks
  • Basic maintenance
  • Road side repairs (including tyre changing)
  • Battery jump start
  • Vehicle loading
  • Trip planning and management
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Communications and emergency procedures

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