Defensive driving courses are held at Willowbank Raceway – located at 1 Champions Way, Willowbank. Courses start at 9am. Please arrive by 8.45am unless otherwise advised.



When you turn off the Cunningham Hwy – take the first road on the left – which is the access to Willowbank Raceway (Drag Racing Strip). You will then follow the carpark around and drive to the pit area behind the grandstands – and towards the far end of the track. There is a large shed (scrutineering shed) and this is where the meeting point will be.

NOTE – GPS systems often take you elsewhere – so be cautious if using one and follow the map instead!

Google map:

Venue information:

** Any date changes to a booking within 7 days will incur a $100 rebooking fee. This includes cancellations and no-shows for any reason. Please insure you can make your booking and contact the DSA office should you wish to change it within 7 days.


What to bring / wear / know

Bring your car – make sure you check tyre pressures (34PSi Small/Medium Cars – 36PSi Large cars – 40PSi 4WD Vehicles). Remove all loose items and make sure you have enough fuel. 2 drivers can share one car on the day if required.

Bring some lunch – most venues have a fridge. You can also buy lunch but this will require you leaving the training facility and will take up most of your lunch break (usually 30mins).

Bring some water – it gets hot outside! So bring some water and stay hydrated.

Wear suitable clothing – activities are done outside and there is little/no shelter. So dress accordingly for the weather and be prepared for good/bad weather changes.

Bring your drivers licence – Make sure you bring this with you!

You will be requiured to complete some paperwork during the day – so bring a pen, notepad and or anything else that might make your day a bit easier.

Don’t forget to have fun!