Defensive Driver Training

What motivates a driver to take risks?

Are you aware of the many risks associated with driving?

How important is your health, freedom and ability to spend quality time with your family?

The sad truth is that nearly every driver on the road could be taking unnecessary risks and with some basic coaching could easily become safer.

DSI On Road Defensive Driver Training is suitable for all drivers. If you have had your licence for 5 minutes or 20 years, our trainers will join you for an hour or two and provide valuable hints and tips to make your driving safer.

Our friendly and experienced trainers can also explain the safety features of your vehicle, how to sit and steer correctly and where to look when you are driving in busy environments or country roads.

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Companies can request a driver evaluation at the same time to identify any potential areas for improvement.

Low Risk Defensive Driver Training Program

Statistics are commonly used in safety presentations and road safety campaigns. Although they have a place, Driver Skills International believe that drivers need to be motivated to change for the right reasons.

Driver Skills International’s Low Risk Driving Training program is now available to compliment the range of Defensive Driver training courses already provided.

It is important to note that all Driver Skills International defensive driving courses are based on Low Risk driving and are not skills based.

The object of this program is to provide an alternative to organisations wishing to encourage low risk driving techniques who don’t require a full defensive driving course.

The format for this program is flexible, however a recommended schedule follows:

Group Session 1 – Road safety presentation
Group Session 2 – What motivates you?
Group Session 3 – Design a personal road safety plan
One on One – Driver Coaching and Assessment (1 hour per driver)

The Group Sessions can be delivered in a full day, or over 3 separate days (2 hours per session) followed by individual driver coaching and assessment sessions.

To discuss this great new program and how it could benefit your drivers, contact DSI now.

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