Highway Driving Course

Learn how to handle your car safely at highway speed.

The Highway Driving Course will provide drivers with an understanding of how a vehicle handles at highway speeds and also how to manoeuvre safely in this environment.

NOTE – Only available for GROUP BOOKINGS

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Knowledge Covered
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  • How speed effects the ability to maneuver a car
  • Weight transfer and suspension performance
  • Advanced braking techniques
  • Advanced steering techniques
  • Split surface braking
  • Tyre performance
  • ABS / ESP and other electronic driving aids

Skills Covered
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  • Straight line braking – speeds 40-110km/h
  • Corner braking – speeds 60-80km/h
  • Oversteer / understeer identification and correction techniques
  • Advanced vision and manoeuvring skills including hazard avoidance
  • Reversing and parking (precision driving practice)

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  • Several timed driving skill tests

Drivers will use their own vehicle during the practical components of this course (must be registered and subject to basic safety checks). All relevant road laws must be adhered to at all times.

DSI can modify this course to suit your specific requirements. Please call for information.

Prerequisite – please note drivers must complete a DSI Defensive Driving Course before attending an Advanced Driving Course.

Venue – Training can be provided Australia wide at one of our approved venues or at your site.

All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement for attending the course.

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