Armidale Traffic Education Centre

Armidale Traffic Education Centre

Armidale Traffic Education Centre

Armidale Traffic Education Centre, also known as the New England Traffic Education Centre is located at 18 Mann Street, Armidale NSW 2350.

It is a versatile venue which is used both for defensive driver training and motorcycle training.

With modern training rooms and facilities, and a large area for the courses practical component – it is the ideal venue for drivers at all levels of competency and driving experience.


How to get there

The venue is easy to find, located on Mann St and has ample parking. Each course will start with a safety briefing in the training room followed by a practical component outside.

What to bring / wear / know

  • Bring your car – make sure you check tyre pressures (34PSi Small/Medium Cars – 36PSi Large cars – 40PSi 4WD Vehicles). Remove all loose items and make sure you have enough fuel. 2 drivers can share one car on the day if required
  • Bring some lunch – we have a fridge at the venue, but no microwave. We provide tea and  coffee
  • Bring some water – it gets hot outside! So bring some water and stay hydrated.
  • Please bring a hat and sunscreen. If it’s raining an umbrella please.
  • Wear suitable clothing – activities are done outside and there is little/no shelter. So dress accordingly for the weather and be prepared for good/bad weather changes.
  • Bring your drivers licence – Make sure you bring this with you!
  • You will be requiured to complete some paperwork during the day – so bring a pen, notepad and or anything else that might make your day a bit easier.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!